Pink protests sexism and racism in U.S. with Irrelevant music video – Music News

Pink has taken aim at the current state of U.S. politics in the music video for Irrelevant.

The superstar, real name Alecia Moore, dropped the track last week, and wrote on Instagram at the time, “Woke up. Got heated. Wrote song. Coming soon.”

In the accompanying music video, which was released on Monday, Pink begins by presenting a black-and-white montage of leaders of the women’s rights and civil rights movements.

“I think it might rain today/Ash on the ground/Took all the heat we could take/And then burnt it down/Now it’s a real parade/We’re all welcome now/As long as you feel afraid/That’s what’s it about,” she sings in the first verse.

Pink goes on to highlight the controversy surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, making abortion illegal in some states.

“Girls just wanna have rights. So why do we still have to fight?” the 42-year-old asks the viewer, with the clip of her singing the bridge interspersed with imagery from recent pro-choice marches.

In addition, Pink makes no effort to conceal her thoughts about the current Supreme Court justices.

As their photos flash onto the screen, the star sings, “I’ll be a heretic / you f**kin’ hypocrite.”

Proceeds from the song will be donated to Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote, a nonpartisan initiative on a mission to change the culture around voting in America.

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