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Alcohol, for those who imbibe, is an effective social lubricant. Not great for memory recall, though.

Seth Meyers and Post Malone put their boozing talents — and knowledge of each other — to the test, when they stopped by Manhattan’s The Waylon for a daytime session.

“It’s gonna be a fun one,” says Posty after demolishing his first of many, all of which was captured for Meyers’ Late Night show. 

Playing bartender, Meyers served up some questions, and some filthy looking drinks.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The liquid flowed, the answers, well, not so much, as the pair quizzed one another on tattoos, names and places.

Posty walked us through the progression to his own-brand of rosé, Maison No. 9. “You smoke a cigarette, then you go on to weed, then you’re like, I don’t like weed, and then you go onto the Rosé. That’s the logical next step for you.”

Malone has every reason to raise a few glasses right now. His latest album Twelve Carat Toothache dropped last Friday (June 3) and is on track for a strong debut on both sides of the Atlantic.

The topic of his fourth and latest LP didn’t get a closer look, however, though the drinking buddies did find time for a friendly argument on the talents of Flash vs. Superman.

Somehow, when it came to a speedy game of Post-It, as the booze had truly kicked-in, Meyers and his guest were on fire.

The segment reached its merry conclusion with Meyers sporting new, temporary facial tattoos and the pair singing along to the theme from Cheers.

Whether Meyers returned to the office to shoot his regular show is something we’ll probably never know.

Watch below.


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