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Post Malone is very excited to become a first-time dad. In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the “One Right Now” rapper said he’s “pumped beyond belief” about the impending birth of his child with his girlfriend, something he’s been dreaming about since he was a 4-5 year old kid who walked around with a baby doll all the time.



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“I thought that was the coolest thing,” he said of his dolly. “I would take him around everywhere. And I don’t know how long that lasted. But my mom still has it. And I guess, Zane, I’m so pumped up. I’m going to be a hot dad.” When Lowe suggested that there’s a raunchier term for that, Malone quickly jumped in with “DILF? Hey what’s up DILF?!”

The rapper said his parents were also “super excited” to be grandparents and that the message he’s learned so far is that “help is good.” And when father of two teens Lowe stressed how important it is to hold on to every precious moment and save all the hugs, Malone was already a step ahead of him. “I’m ready. I have so many hugs,” Malone promised. “I have, literally, infinite hugs. Infinite hugs, guys.”

Chatting up his upcoming fourth album, Twelve Carat Toothache, due out on Friday (June 3), Malone said he feels like it’s the best album he’s recorded so far, full of poignant, personal moments that mark a new direction for him. “It was 12 hours in Malibu that I sat by myself in this dark room with my laptop and just made beats… did a bunch of shrooms, made beats and was like, ‘Whoa! This is awesome!’,” Posty said of his breakthrough moment recording the collection during the pandemic.

“That turning point there, the album from there just wrote itself,” he added. “It was just kind of an insane experience… I went through everything and I stood by the water and it felt like I was getting pushed back and I was like,’Okay, something weird’s going on.’” So, he stayed up all night and wrote much of the album in one go after months of writing and recording “great songs” that just didn’t reflect his true self.

The breakthrough came during a night when he decided to leave the cramped L.A. studio he always tracks in and took his crew to Malibu. The vibe there made him feel free after a long stretch of writer’s block and now he’s “the happiest dude in the universe” because he’s reached a point where he’s written an album truly for himself. “That’s the most important part, because for a long time I didn’t know how to,” he said.

Malone also touched on Halsey‘s recent back-and-forth with her label over the reported desire for them to create a viral TikTok phenomenon. Posty said that was “interesting to hear,” while admitting that it’s “just so hard for me to make something natural” on TikTok. “The whole thing I want to do is just be f—ing honest,” he said. “Be honest with my music, be honest with my marketing… whatever the virality of things are just be genuinely honest.” As for whether he’s gotten to a level of success that would allow him to push back against his label if they demanded clickbait-y social content, the rapper said, “I just think it’s my personal opinion and the changes that I’ve made mentally to distance myself from that and that’s really impacted my life in a positive way.”

For the record, he also knows that not every creative idea he has is great, such as his original thought that Carat should be given away for free.

In the end, he counseled, “Do what’s right for you. It’s not choosing whether you’re like, ‘Oh I don’t have to do that because I play arenas, I headline festivals.’ It’s just whatever makes you comfortable because, at the end of the day, you just gotta be comfortable with what you’re doing. And social media is something that I’m not super comfortable with.”

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