CEntrance Mixerface R4 Audio Interface/Mixer

Price: $349.95
(as of Aug 26, 2020 11:18:43 UTC – Details)


With both mixer and interface qualities, the CEntrance mobile passport-sized recording device is the perfect on-the-go tools. This device is compatible with your phone, tablet, PC or MAC for all your interface needs. Its mobility comes from an internal rechargeable lithium/polymer battery that lets you work anywhere any time. The robust aluminum case nd small size make it ready for any recording anytime- just like you. Tiny, flexible interface turns your phone or tablet into a DAWThe Mixerface Audio Interface/Mixer is the size of a passport so it can fit right in your back pocket. This unit is very flexible with two XLR-1/4 combo input jacks, stereo aux in and stereo aux out, headphone out, and balanced master outputs. With readily available software from the Apple App Store or Android Play store, the Mixerface becomes the perfect I/O for your phone or tablet to be used as a fully functional DAW.Dual custom high-quality Jasmine Mic Pres with 48v phantomFeaturing two customer designed Jasmine Mic Pres, you can easily capture your audio in a most pristine fashion. The onboard 48v phantom power allows you to use your favorite high-quality condenser microphones.Internal Rechargeable lithium/polymer battery for 7 hours use with 48v phantom appliedIn order to be fully mobile, this device must be self powered. When fully charged the Mixerface battery supplies 7-8 hours of recording use. The internal battery is recharged via a standard USB cell phone charger for convenient on-the-go charging capabilities.Features:Truly Mobile – fits in your pocketIntuitive analogue functionalityBuilt like a tank – solid aluminum casingHigh Quality 24/192 Audio PerformanceExceptional A/D and D/APowerful and Clean Headphone AmpWorks as a standard USB Audio Interface w/bal outsGet your CEntrance Mixerface R4 Audio Interface/Mixer today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Intuitive analogue functionality
Built like a tank – solid aluminum casing
High Quality 24/192 Audio Performance
Works as a standard USB Audio Interface w/bal outs