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Record label executives have responded to Halsey’s claims that they need to generate a “viral moment” on TikTok before they can release new music.

On Sunday, the Without Me singer, who uses both she/her and they/them pronouns, told fans on the social media site that her label, Astralwerks-Capitol, is allegedly blocking the release of their new song for marketing reasons.

In response, a representative for the company issued a statement regarding the topic.

“Our belief in Halsey as a singular and important artist is total and unwavering,” they commented. “We can’t wait for the world to hear their brilliant new music.”

In her original post, Halsey insisted she was “tired” of being constrained by bosses at the label.

“Basically, I have a song that I love that I want to release ASAP, but my record label won’t let me,” reads the text in the video. “I’ve been in this industry for eight years and I’ve sold over 165 million records and my record company is saying I can’t release (the song) unless they can fake a viral moment on TikTok.

“Everything is marketing and they are doing this to basically every artist these days. I just wanna release music, man. and i deserve better tbh (to be honest). I’m tired.”

After fans offered her support online, Halsey took to Twitter to insist that she couldn’t drop the single even if she wanted to as the label “owns the master” and teased that the song is about her relationship with boyfriend, Alev Aydin.

“It’s about alev part of the story of how we went from meeting and keeping touch randomly for years to realizing we were each others person all along. Right person wrong time type of song (sic),” the 27-year-old divulged.

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