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Sabrina Carpenter suffered anxiety before the release of her latest album.

The 23-year-old old singer’s fifth album ‘Emails I Can’t Send – her first with her new label Island Records – was released last month and Sabrina admitted she was very worried about the record before it dropped.

She told Vogue.com: “I feel like the only word that could describe it would be surreal, and just such a weight off of my shoulders. I think for this project, in particular, I had so much anxiety before releasing it. I just really didn’t know how it would be received—which is so funny, because the whole concept behind the album is these things that I never really want anyone to hear, and things that I never intended on saying to people. Having that time of my life sort held in these songs forever is as scary as it is really special.

“But I think the cool thing that happens when you release music, and it’s no longer yours, is that you start to see the way that people connect it to their lives, and you realize that something that you thought was such a specific memory or feeling is actually so universal, and that makes you feel a lot less lonely. It’s been so, so lovely hearing people say that to me.”

Sabrina also revealed that writing about personal situations has always been a way for her to heal.

She said: “Taking personal situations in my life and being able to turn them into art was always a way of healing myself, and also understanding those situations a bit better. And so nothing changed in that sense. I’ve always been writing from that very real place. But I’m also not naïve, and even the songs that are literally about nothing at all, I’m sure people would be able to take all kinds of things from them and run with it, because I think that’s just what people do, they love the dramatics and the theatrics of it all. But personally, I don’t ever write from a place of thinking about people hearing this, and thinking about what they might assume. Otherwise, I don’t think the songs would feel honest.”

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