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Sam Fender is to move to a “dancey” new sound in a bid to crack America.

The ‘Seventeen Going Under’ singer has teamed up with producer Markus Dravs – who has worked with the likes of Florence + the Machine, Bjork, Wolf Alice and Coldplay in the past – for his third album and hopes their sessions together will result in tracks that appeal to a US audience.

A source told the Sun on Sunday newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Sam has had a blinding few years in the UK and his next move is try to crack America.

“It’s no mean feat but with the right team around him he definitely has what it takes to knock their socks off.

“He has already mastered the melodic indie rock genre, but record label bosses are hoping his collab with Markus could add a different vibe to his sound and include some potential up-tempo dance hits.”

The news comes after Sam announced last month he had teamed up with music legends Bruce Springsteen, Sting, and Mark Knopfler for a charity project.

He said: “Sting occasionally FaceTimes us, weirdly I always end up being in the bath.

“We were in the studio the other day. I did a charity thing with him and Mark Knopfler.

I just did some guitar stuff, which was the most f***ing nerve-wracking thing ever.

“Going in to do a guitar take on a Mark Knopfler song — he’s one of the best guitarists ever. Springsteen’s on it as well.”

The 28-year-old singer admitted earlier this year he had set his sights on cracking America.

Asked what his goals for 2022 are, he said: “Write and record another record, tour that record. Go out to America, start doing stuff out there because we’ve not really scratched the surface of the States.

“It’s flying over here and it’s starting to fly in Europe.”

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