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Sam Ryder, Franz Ferdinand and KSI are among this year’s National Album Day Ambassadors.

The annual celebration of the album format returns on October 15, this time with the theme of Debut Albums.

A press release notes that the day will “showcase a broad range of first album releases across multiple genres and decades – from debut recordings that have gone on to become classics to those that are perhaps only now being fully appreciated or which, years later, merit reappraisal.”

As well as the UK’s 2022 ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ runner-up Sam, Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand and rap star KSI, Liverpool’s rising rock outfit The Mysterines and English indie-folk trio The Staves have been chosen as this year’s Ambassadors.

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos said: “What a glorious medium the album is. On the most basic level it’s a bunch of songs that sound good together, but what I love is that it is a moment in time for the artist and the listener, a way to define a period of a lifetime. It’s the long form: a novel rather than a short story, a film rather than a trailer. Sure, you can get a panel of writers to construct a song to meet the criteria of the algorithm, and that’s a distinct skill, but it will never have the complexity or richness and deep reward of a good album.”

‘Holiday’ hitmaker KSI said: “With an album, it’s essentially you living in the mind of an artist. What they’re thinking, what they’re feeling and how it makes me feel listening to it. Do I relate? Do I agree or disagree, what emotions do I feel? Even the instrumental can make you feel a certain way. Albums at different stages in our lives can be so pivotal and help inspire different ways of thinking or feeling and why I feel it is so important in our lives. Listening to certain albums is like looking back at history of how I was feeling in the moment in time. And the nostalgia is truly amazing.”

Lia Metcalfe of The Mysterines, who had a UK Top 10 with their debut LP ‘Reeling’ earlier this year – commented: “I’m so pleased to be an ambassador for National Album Day. We released our debut album ‘Reeling’ earlier this year and it has been one of the most seminal moments in our lives. The album will remain a part of us forever, not just because it marks our first full creation as a band, but its years worth of stories, experiences and emotions weaved through the songs. There is nothing better than listening to an album in its entirety, from start to finish, in the way the artist intended it to be heard. I feel like we’ve lost that a lot nowadays, and to be part of National Album Day as an avid record listener and collector is something that is so integral to who I am.”

And ‘Space Man’ hitmaker Sam added: “I’m stoked to be a part of this year’s National Album Day! There are so many amazing albums from artists that have been a massive part of my life bringing so much joy. By listening to an album, you really get to know an artist. I’m so excited to be finally releasing my debut album this year and can’t wait for you all to hear it!”

National Album Day is presented in association with official audio partner Bowers and Wilkins and official broadcast partner BBC Sounds.

Further product and releases, events and other activities will be announced in due course alongside further updates.

Head to www.nationalalbumday.co.uk for all the latest information on NAD.

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