Serge Pizzorno: ‘It’s my life’s work Kasabian. I’ve written every song, every chord, every lyric’ – Music News

Stepping up to the festival hotseat this week on The Line-Up with Shaun Keaveny is Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno.

On the episode, Serge chats about the sacking of frontman Tom Meighan and how this impacted both himself and the wider band – as well as touching on why he feels Tyler, The Creator is a modern-day genius.

On Tom Meighan leaving the band:

SERGE PIZZORNO: You know, there was a time where it did feel like, you know, going back to your house and just seeing it in ashes and kicking the ashes with your feet and just sifting through sort of burnt photographs. It’s my life’s work Kasabian. I’ve written every song, every chord, every lyric. So for me, I thought that was all gone. I said before, it was heartbreaking.

On transitioning from guitarist to frontman:

SERGE PIZZORNO: I mean, it’s such a mad one, you know. It’s heartbreaking… but I thought I had no choice for the band. We couldn’t let the story finish like that. So it was sort of needs must. And, you know if I didn’t do it, then the boys ain’t got a band. It’s such a massive change, physically, mentally like when you’re on stage and it’s a wild role, you know, and I’m sort of learning every day. But, you know, I’ve been I’ve been doing plenty of research and I’ve been sort of watching the grapes.

SHAUN KEAVENY: I read this you’re taking note, taking notes of the great front man.

SERGE PIZZORNO: Yeah. It’s the way I made music, I sort of adapted that sort of style of just looking at things that I love and then absorbing all that vibe, you know what I mean? And I think for me what I really thought was the way to approach this is to just be, just let myself completely go on stage and just give myself – like I do in the studio when I’m when I’m writing or when I’m sort of delivering a vocal. There’s a lot of people watching you. It’s a crazy feeling, but I think like it’s just, you know, you get in that state that mental state and go, ‘I am just going to give myself to this show. This this next hour and a half, I’m gonna’ transcend’.

On the genius of Tyler, The Creator:

SERGE PIZZORNO: He’s someone I think is a proper auteur, he’s like a modern day genius. But the way that that crowd goes off… and his performance, that’s high art, Tyler’s performance is high art. But you still see the crowd and it’s still, it’s still amazing thing to go see, you know, it’s like Metallica in a weird way.

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