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Sir Ringo Starr is launching an NFT collection.

The 81-year-old music star has become the first Beatle to enter the world of NFTs, with his collection featuring digital artworks accompanied by signed canvas prints.

He said in a statement: “I only ever wanted to be a drummer, yet you never know where a new idea or path will lead you.

“This new technology is so far out it’s inspired me and I loved creating these NFTs combining my art and my music. Who’d have thought I would be spreading Peace and Love in the MetaVerse.”

Ringo has also announced the launch of his NFT collection via social media.

He said on Twitter: “I’m excited to share my first venture into Web3, “Ringo Starr NFT Collection | The Creative Mind of a Beatle” Each NFT comes with a signed print and access to join me on an exclusive virtual tour of the groundbreaking digital gallery experience, RingoLand. Peace and love Ringo! [peace sign emoji] (sic)”

Ringo Starr NFT Collection – The Creative Mind of a Beatle is presented by Julien’s Auctions, and the live auction will take place on June 13.

It’s also been announced that the NFT carbon footprint will be offset via the CarbonFund.org, which is leading the fight against climate change.

Meanwhile, Ringo previously revealed that he kept himself busy during the pandemic by recording music in his home studio.

The music icon explained that technological advances have totally changed the way he records music.

Ringo said: “Technology has been great for me because now I can record at home. I have a studio right in the house and I’ve been making music all through this pandemic. You used to have to go the recording studio.”

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