Stormzy: ‘I had sound problems at Glasto, my in ears burst so I couldn’t hear anything’ – Music News

Stormzy and Snoochie Shy in conversation with Potter Payper for the latest Unlocked With… on Back To Back Sounds.

For the latest episode, available from Saturday 11th June on BBC Sounds, rapper Potter Payper talks to Stormzy about the music he’s listening to right now – Frank Ocean and Adele in the shower – and his historic Glastonbury headline set where he called out the names of integral artists from the UK scene, including Potter himself. A special extended episode featuring the full conversation with Stormzy will be available next week, only on BBC Sounds.

Stormzy reveals he missed out some artist names during his Glastonbury set

Potter Payper: “How did you remember all those names?
Stormzy: “You know it’s so funny, I had sound problems at Glasto so my in ears – that’s a story for another day – but my in ears burst so I couldn’t hear anything. So what we did before was, I wrote out all the artist names and recorded into a mic like; ‘AJ Tracey, Potter Payper…’ and it was getting played back to me. But because it was so low, there was bare names I missed out. So little does everyone know, I missed out so many names because I can’t hear. So it might say like ‘J Hus’, and I’m hearing it in the back and I’m saying ‘J Hus’, and then I will miss out two names, then I’ll catch the next one ‘Dave’… so I’m playing catch up. This is why it’s mad, I know what that moment was but like deeper one… People run with that and think there’s some epic story like I went to the mountain and got a list of names but I just said yo who’s doing it, who’s a part of our scene and our culture. I just wrote this list.”
Potter Payper: “No that’s sick, thank you.”

Stormzy tells Potter what music he’s listening to

Potter Payper: “I’d be interested to know, who do you listen to now?”
Stormzy: “If I got in my car now, I’m listening to a lot of singer songwriters. R&B, Soul… I’m a sucker for melody. As much as I love Rap, I love Hip Hop, I love Grime, I love the culture when I’m in the car and it’s me, and I’m in the shower it’s… Cleo Sol, it’s Frank Ocean, it’s Adele… that’s my bag.”

Potter Payper is currently in residence with special guests across the six episodes including M Huncho, Rimzee, Kenny Allstar, 0207 Def Jam Records presidents Alec and Alex Boateng, and more. Along with many more names from behind the scenes and hand selected playlists throughout the series, Unlocked With… Potter Payper will give listeners a unique insight into his music, iconic moments and journey through his career to date.

Potter Payper says: “This is an insight into my mind, my music and the journey I’ve taken to get to where I am today. There have been many people that have been part of this and I’m honoured to have a few of them on this series with me.”

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj approved rapper Ms Banks’ Unlocked With… series is available now, giving exclusive access to how she became one of the fiercest names in UK rap – from the early mixtapes, huge freestyles and her biggest BBC moments, combined with personal stories and special guests – plus first plays of her brand new music.

Unlocked With… is available on Back To Back Sounds: Rap Unlocked on BBC Sounds, and broadcast weekly on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

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