Super Synthesis is taking their excellent Eurorack modules open-source

DIYers, coders, hackers – Super Synthesis is fully open-sourcing their modules under the ultra-permissive CC0 license (public domain). It could be the start of a new model for module making – and if you’ve ever wanted to watch someone live-stream the design process, you get that, too.

Okay, first, the Super Synthesis modules are really awesome – or this wouldn’t be worth your time, right? Just watch this glitchy goodness (there’s a playlist with more sound samples, too):

Founder Chris McDowell writes CDM:

Like a lot of small manufacturers out there, I often consider whether I can actually keep this ship afloat. I’m extremely lucky that being into synth design sort of automatically set me up for embedded development and EE work. If Super had to pay the bills, I’d be toast! This year, instead of agonizing over maybe shutting down (it’s a yearly thing, lol), I decided to finally officially open source all of Super’s designs. I’ve been meaning to do so since I started in 2013. It’s amazing how heavy a few PDF exports can feel. I chose an ultra-permissive CC0 license, essentially placing my work in the public domain to encourage people to learn, share, and use my work how they want to. I really want the record of my journey to help folks like the countless amazing online resources that have helped me (your blog since 20..09? 11? modwiggler, synth-diy mailing list, etc).

Advertising has always been the hardest part for me. I’m working on a little pivot here and trying to be more visible, and have started a Patreon to try another angle at focusing on synths somewhat closer to full-time. The Super Patreon is cheap and includes big discounts on production modules, access to my design library I use in development, files for all unreleased modules, educational synth content, 1-on-1 design reviews, and custom design work at the highest tier.

I have a live stream scheduled for Sunday, May 5th, to rewrite our most popular module, the 2OPFM. When opening the source code, I was a tad aghast at my coding practices from 8 years ago heh, so while that is available for posterity and a “this really is the module” standpoint, I want to provide some insights into how to make the code more manageable, extendable, performant, whatever.


Yep, I definitely hear that toast thing! The Patreon looks like it’ll be worthwhile along with those modules and – here’s your advertising.

Sounds fantastic.

Check the Git repository with both released and unreleased goodness:

And the full Super Synthesis site, where you can also buy modules premade if you want to stay focused on the music making aspect:

Autoplay on YouTube for some reason follows the above video with this, but – I feel it, somehow:

So with open source, everyone can be super. Of course, those of us who like the open source concept believe that the following really is not true. Have a super weekend, y’all.

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