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Taylor Swift is being sued by author Teresa La Dart over artwork the singer used alongside her 2019 album, Lover.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, La Dart filed a lawsuit claiming a promotional booklet that came with the record is too similar to a self-published poetry collection, also called Lover, she released in 2010.

The suit, filed in a Tennessee federal court on 23 August, claims that Swift lifted elements of the 2010 book for use in the companion booklet she released with her album Lover.

The complaint alleges Swift’s work uses the same “vibe and design” as La Dart’s book. It also asserts that not only do the two works share the same title, but they are both a “recollection of past years memorialised in a combination of written and pictorial components”.

The similar design components listed in the suit include the same pink-and-blue colour scheme and style of images.

Swift has not publicly responded to the suit.

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