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Sara James isn’t the first person to go west in the pursuit of fame and glory.

Few have come from central Europe at age 13 to compete in America’s Got Talent.

James did just that.

Hailing from Poland, James made herself at home on the AGT stage during the opening rounds on Tuesday night (June 14).

So why complete a trans-Atlantic flight, only to compete with the might of the U.S. of A? Well, it’s often said dreams come true in America, and she simply wanted to be sure.

Those dreams did come true when James auditioned with a Billie Eilish cover.


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She might want to stay a little longer Stateside after a faultless display that had three of the four judges on their feet. Only Simon Cowell remained seated, though he was glowing with praise.

“We’ve heard a lot of singers over the years, but wow,” he enthused. “This wasn’t perfect, however, you have a real star-glow about you.”

The youngster admitted it was her first time in America. And, Cowell, a Brit who has never forgotten his own first Atlantic crossing, made sure it was an experience to remember by activating the Golden Buzzer.

With that, the golden confetti rained down, the tears came too, and James is fast-tracked to the live rounds.

She’s the second youngster in the past week to score a Golden Buzzer, after 11-year-old Madison Taylor Baez’s emotional performance.

Watch below.

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