The best Labor Day deals on synths and plug-ins – starting at $10

Summer in nearly done in northern latitudes, and the US has a big holiday weekend – so gear purveyors are here with a bunch of discounts.

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Critter & Guitari

Boutique maker Critter & Guitari has a rare b-stock sale on their Pocket Piano – a multi-engine, battery-powered standalone instrument you can customize with your own custom engines and patterns. US$325 as their Labor Day sale:

201 Pocket Piano

Sweetwater: softer side

Sweetwater has their Labor Day Sale running, including software and synths (among other pro audio gear and instruments).

MF102S large.jpg.auto

Again, we’ve got a Moog MF-102S ring modulator plug-in for US$9.99.

IK Multimedia’s SampleTank 4 is U$49.99 (usually $199.99)

Universal Audio has one of the best emulations of the 1176 limiter, and the full UAD 1776 Classic Limited Collection is $39.99 (normally $299). Now, that’s one price for both the native version (no special hardware required, other than a reasonable Mac or PC) and the UAD version (for their DSP hardware) – so you can use either one.

Sweetwater: harder side

ARP2600M large.jpg.auto

The Korg ARP 2600M for $1699.99 (normally $1999.99) is pretty tempting as a vintage recreation – that’s the one pictured, created with the input of the original team. It’s 60% of the original’s size, but… that makes it easier to actually fit, and you still have the spring reverb, built-in speaker, and authentic electronics, plus USB/MIDI as an addition. It even comes with its own dedicated case.

Trigon6Mod large.jpg.auto

We talk enough about the various great Sequential offerings that it’s easy to lose track, but there’s $250 cash back on the Trigon-6 desktop. And that’ll be the red hot new desktop instrument I wrote about just last month.

See all their keyboard deals:

Sweetwater Labor Day Sale

Perfect Circuit Labor Day hardware

misomodular cornflakes 01

Perfect Circuit has a bunch of hardware deals. There’s a whole curated list of Eurorack and – I’m sorry. I’m sorry for sending you to this link. But you know, Miso Cornflakes granular1010’s sampler in a module … that 266t Source of Uncertainty again… plus ALM’s beautiful Tyso Daiko drum voice.

Labor Day modular deals

If desktop is more your speed, they’ve got a lot there, too:

PittsburghModular Taiga 03

There’s $100 off Elektron Syntakt, Octatrack MkII, Analog Four MkII, Digitone, and Digitakt. I’d opt for the Syntakt out of that bunch. SOMA Laboratory’s Lyra-8 drone synth and Pulsar-23 semi-modular drum machines are on sale, as well.

1010 Music’s Blackbox is a pretty perfect, handheld-sized sampler

The Cyclone TT-303 is on sale for as low as US$259. I have to say, this is probably the hardware 303 I’d buy today, if just because of its sequencer capabilities and great sound – and it’s something different, especially at that price.

They’ve also got several semi-modular and modular system synths on sale, if you want to go all in and get ready to dive into patching sounds this winter. That includes Pittsburgh Modular’s excellent Taiga for US$699, which is not a bad place to start.

Oh yeah, and they stock Gator bags, so you have a way to tote around all your gear.

Actually, just have a look, as they have a really nicely curated collection:

Perfect Circuit Labor Day Sale: Synth and Drum Machines

Lush 2 Synth View Main plugin boutique


Plugin Boutique doesn’t have a Labor Day sale per se, but a few things are coinciding with this weekend.

There’s still time to get the Native Instruments FM8 for $10!

Eventide “back to school” bundles are in starting at $99 / up to 70% off, including Newfangled Audio.

They have a ton of “Synth Month” picks through September 14, too –

There’s the exclusive D16 sale – choose either the terrific LuSH-2 poly or the Phoscyon 2 303-style bass plug-in for two beautiful Roland emulations with a lot of modern extras and unique twists.

From Cherry Audio, try out the DCO-106 and PS-20.

And others… See their deals:

Plugin Boutique

Got more we missed? Hello, comments!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why “Labor Day” is in September – the Labor Day celebrated worldwide on May 1 did begin in the USA, but it was moved to the present date partly to disassociate it from Communism. Still – solidarity? Forever.

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