The Complete List of Packs (2022) 🎤

Looking for the perfect vocal sample can be a chore… 😪 but once you find the perfect vocal, it can change your entire track.

Whether you’re writing trap, future bass, or house – quality vocal samples are essential for those anthemic tracks.

And even if your track is not a vocal-led track, adding snippets of vocals will humanize the song and allow people to connect to it more.

This is why we’ve scoured the web to bring you the best vocal sample packs we could find—both free and paid.

Let’s get started! 👇

Before We Get Started… 🚨

Even though there are 100,000s of vocal samples available on the web (Splice Sounds has 185,151 and counting)…

There’s (almost) nothing worse than using a vocal as is, releasing the song, then realizing somebody else already used it. This is why vocal manipulation is essential.

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The idea here is to transform the original sample enough so it’s not instantly recognizable. If you’re new to the world of slicing and stretching, here are a few ideas to get you started:

As Pharrell says:

“Some people say there’s nothing new under the sun. I still think that there’s room to create, you know. And intuition doesn’t necessarily come from under this sun. It comes from within.”


Now let’s dive into some of the best free and paid vocal packs out there!

The Best Free Vocal Packs 😮

Nothing better than some free vocal packs to get you started. A word of warning though – these are free, so it’s likely that someone has already used it (again, manipulate the vocals).

Euphoria – Vocal Sample Pack (by Cymatics)

vocal sample pack

If you’ve spent anytime online searching for sample packs, then you must have seen Cymatics. They are the big boys in the preset and sample pack business and have a ton of amazing stuff.

The Euphoria pack is an amazing 300MB folder full of acapellas, ad-libs, vocal FXs, and more.

In total, more than 250 samples, tagged by key and BPM, are for free. What’s not to like?

Download here

50 Best Free Vocal Samples (by LANDR)

vocal sample pack

A quality vocal sample pack put together by Landr, you can choose to download individual samples or the whole pack at once.

Inside you’ll find key and BPM-tagged samples ranging from dry, to processed to fully chopped vocal FX. I find this pack works especially well with glitchy and left-field kinds of tracks.

Download here

EDM Vocals Sample Pack Vol. 1 (by FLP Family)

vocal sample pack

Short and sweet, this pack contains 25 free vocal samples that will make the ground shake.

Inside you’ll find mostly pre-drop phrases for those huge club anthems – think Swedish House Mafia or Major Lazer.

Download here

VOX Reloaded (by FunctionLoops)

vocal sample pack

Looking for super-glitchy and weirdly-pitched vocal chops? Look no further!

In this pack, you’ll get 200 royalty-free samples ready to go in your House and Techno tracks. This includes 36 vocal shots and 164 vocal glitch loops.

Download here

Free Vocal Kit II (by GhostHack)

vocal sample pack

Looking for female-only vocals? This one is for you!

Inside this pack, you’ll get 60 female vocal samples, ranging from simple breaths to chants and one-words.

What’s more, you’ll get different versions of each sample, with added reverb or pitch modulation. Don’t sleep on it!

Download here

Ultimate Female Vocal Sample Pack (by MusicRadar)

musicradar logo

Are you looking for the ultimate female vocal pack? Well, this is it! Inside you’ll get a stunning 1,337 female vocal samples.

Each sample is supplied in different variations, as well as with two distinct harmony parts. A go-to to add that human element to your tunes.

Download here

Sexy Whispers (by 91vocals)

vocal sample pack

This one caught my eye straight away – it’s not every day you find a pack called “Sexy Whispers”…

But this pack does exactly what it says on the tin. Inside you’ll find hushed whispered words, FX, and more to add a level of emotion to your songs.

Download here

Free Vocal Ad-Libs Samples (by MusicRadar)

vocal sample pack

Another one by MusicRadar, this one contains 327 free, royalty-free vocal ad-libs including hums, short phrases, and spoken words. Everything is high-quality and ready to drop in your DAW.

Pro-tip: these samples will work especially well in creating pads or transitions between sections, within any genre.

Download here

Tropical House Vocals Vol. 2 (by W.A. Productions)

vocal sample pack

Looking to inject a bit of a summer vibe into your track?

This sample pack comes with a full construction kit (i.e. all the song elements), including top-line vocals, harmonies, and background textures.

Download here

Free Gravity (by W. A. Production)

vocal sample pack

Another one by W.A. Production, this one comes in at a whopping 1.6GB – and it’s free!

Inside you’ll get 100% royalty-free instrumental stems and dry/wet vocals.

Download here

Antidote Audio X Takeaway Sound Free Vocal Pack (by Antidote Audio)

vocal sample pack

Finally, one last free vocal sample pack for you coming in at over 300MB.

This one is a multi-genre sample pack, with BPMs ranging from 100 to 174. Samples include adlibs, loops, acapella, and shouts.

Download here

Now let’s take a look at some paid vocal packs! 💸

The Best Paid Vocal Packs 💰

Paid vocal packs tend to have both quality AND quantity, so these options will have you covered—whether you want to use full vocals or manipulate and chop them.

Vocal Atmospheres by Amy Kirkpatrick (by Black Octopus Sound)

vocal sample pack

One of my all-time favorite vocal packs. Pretty much every track I have written has a sample from here on it.

Clocking in at over 1.25GB and almost 300 samples, this one is well worth your buck.

Inside you’ll find amazing textures, haunting atmospheres, and harmonies that will instantly add depth to your tracks!

Buy here (US$15)

Cymatics Vocal Pack Collection (by Cymatics)

vocal sample pack

Another shout-out needs to go to Cymatics here, with a wide range of quality vocal packs.

These can seem a bit pricey, ranging from $37 to $200 per pack. But when you want original and professionally-recorded vocal samples, you have to put in the money!

Buy here (US$37 – US$200)

Tropical Bass Vocals (by Samplephonics)

vocal sample pack

Looking for something genre-specific? For all you tropical house and reggaeton producers, this one was made for you!

Inside you’ll find 114 vocal one-shots covering both male and female Spanish and Brazilian-Portuguese takes.

Buy here (EUR €13.32)

Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions Vol. 1 (by Black Octopus Sound)

vocal sample pack

A bit on the pricier side, the Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions Vol.1 is an all-encompassing 1GB, 540 samples vocal pack of the highest quality.

Inside you’ll find tones, swells, loops, vocal FX, and more. A must-have for more indie and songwriter-oriented productions!

Buy here ($US49.99)

(Also available on Splice Sounds)

Chillwave Vocals (by VitalVocals)

vocal sample pack

Looking for dreamy and ethereal vocal lines? The Chillwave Vocals sample pack is here for you!

Inside you’ll get 155MB of topline and harmonies perfectly suited for dreamy, atmospheric tracks.

The loops come in at 150 BPM and are broken down into full vocal tracks, backing vocal loops, lead vocal loops, and chorus vocal loops.

Buy here (US$11.64)

Killer Acapellas 4 (by Monster Sounds)

vocal sample pack

If you’re looking for full acapellas to drop in your future bass tracks, this sample pack has you covered.

Inside you’ll find acapellas of full songs, with BPMs ranging from 122 BPM to 174 BPM. Each vocal take comes with a “Dry” and “Wet” version, as well as a double-take.

Plus, you can also download each song separately if you want!

Buy here (US$40.90)

On My Way Sample Pack (by Producer Loops)

vocal sample pack

This pack contains everything you need if you’re looking for a more pop-oriented sound.

Included here are both vocal and live instrument recordings, coming in at just over 1.1GB and 577 files! Samples include one-shots and full loops, suitable for pop, trance, and EDM.

Buy here (US$29.90)

Echoes by Holly Drummond (by Black Octopus Sound)

vocal sample pack

In my opinion an absolute go-to for breaths, swells, and atmospheres, this pack will work with any genre.

Inside you’ll get 514 samples that range from one-shot tones to harmonies, full verses, and spoken words.

Buy here (US$49.95)

(Also available on Splice Sounds)

Soul House Vocals (by Vital Vocals)

vocal sample pack

Looking for something more on the soulful side?

The Soul House Vocals pack has 446 MB of female-only jazzy performances recorded between 109 BPM and 128 BPM.

Works great with tech-house, deep house, and disco.

Buy here (₤ 24.95)

Vocal Hooks – Pink Label (by 91Vocals)

vocal sample pack

Looking for that perfect hook to make your track stand out? Look no further!

In this pack, you’ll find 175 samples that will instantly make your tracks memorable.

Combining both male and female hooks in 5 different keys and BPMs, this soulful pack has everything you need for catchy melodies!

Buy here (£35.00)

(Also available on Splice Sounds)

One Last Thing… 🎤

Finally, don’t be scared to record yourself or a friend! In this day and age, auto-tune and other processing can go a long way.

If you have a specific idea in mind for a hook or an atmosphere, just record it and try manipulating it with plugins. You would be surprised by the results you can achieve!

And with that, I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you’re after more curated resources, be sure to check out my Vital Presets roundup.

Did I miss out on anything? Any other vocal sample packs I should have included here? Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].

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