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You know you’re in good company when you hang with Elon Musk backstage at the SNL afterparty. Even better when he’s offering financial advice, pro bono.

That happened to the Kid Laroi.

The teenage star found himself schmoozing with the South African-born CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and world’s richest human, in the right place, and time.

Speaking with Australia’s Nova commercial radio network, Laroi (real name Charlton Howard) recounted his fortuitous meeting with the billionaire businessman.



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“He’s like, actually a really down-to-earth just he’s just like, hanging out,” he tells hosts Fitzy & Wippa. “So I went up, and I asked him, and he basically, yeah, he told me to invest in something that I love. Which I thought I thought was great advice.”

Laroi, the precocious Sydneysider who now calls Las Angeles home, committed Musk’s guidance to memory.

“You know, obviously, you like you expect someone to give you like an entire plan. All right, that’s what you do. But then I, I walked away realizing like, ‘Damn, that is probably the best financial advice you could give anyone because I mean, if you don’t believe in something, then how is everybody else gonna believe in it,” he continues. “He could tell me something to invest in whatever. But if I don’t believe in it, then why would I do it, you know?”

The fortuitous meeting happened after Laroi made his SNL debut in May 2021, when he performed “Without  You” with Miley Cyrus. Musk was host on the night.

The 18-year-old Grammy nominee also gave Nova listeners some fashion tips of his own (“my rule is that I don’t wear band t-shirts that I don’t listen to”) and walked them through the origins of “Thousand Miles” (“this one was when I about when I first met my girlfriend…my perspective changed”), his latest Billboard Hot 100 hit.

“Thousand Miles” has a peak of No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is the first number lifted from Laroi’s forthcoming debut LP, the followup to his chart-leading F*ck Love mixtape.

The Kid Laroi is currently in Australia for his End Of The World tour, which kicks off Thursday (May 26) at Qudos Bank Arena in his hometown.

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