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What is the best way to hire employees? The job market has shifted significantly over the last two years, in and outside the music industry. As of June 2022, there are more than 11 million jobs available in the U.S. — or two jobs for every person.

A surplus of jobs can be a good thing for recruiters and hiring managers, but it can also mean working a little harder to attract potential employees. Keep reading for a list of strategies to help improve your hiring process by using ZipRecruiter.

Strike When the Iron’s Hot

When is the best time to post a job opening? Try to avoid posting on Friday, if possible. Monday is the busiest day for job postings, and studies have found that job seekers are most active on Wednesday. When recruiting for a new position, knowing the best day of month, time of day, and even day of the week to post job openings can increase your chances of success.

For example, summer is typically a slower period for employers and employees alike, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect hire in the summertime. Most people embark on a vacation of some sort during the summer, and while the middle summer usually doesn’t make the list for the best time to find a job (because there are usually less positions available), it’s a great time for hiring managers to start the process of filling positions by the fall. The middle of summer also provides an opportunity for recruiters to post job openings and hire candidates when there may not be as much competition.

Another tip to keep in mind: Companies usually hire the most in January and February, and mid-late September/October for seasonal positions, so your posting could get more attention during an off-time.

If you’re looking to hire quickly, then you shouldn’t wait. Post your job opening as soon as possible, but still be aware of which time or day of week could yield the best results. For those who have more lead time, constructing a successful game plan will make all the difference.

Invite Qualified Employees to Apply

With ZipRecruiter’s Invite to Apply feature, employers can see job seekers’ employment history, handpick qualified candidates, and reach out to them directly to encourage them to apply for a position. According to the site, when employers use Invite to Apply, their jobs receive 2.5 times more candidates, and candidates who are invited to apply are almost three times as likely to get hired. A win-win. 

Think Outside the Box

Nowadays, recruiters might want to go the extra mile to stand out from competitors. Incorporating incentives such as flexible work hours, competitive salaries, and a remote/hybrid work model are a few ways to catch a job seeker’s eye.

Utilize Recruiting Websites

Recruiting websites are your friend! Leaning on job sites like ZipRecruiter can vastly improve your chances of hiring the best candidates. ZipRecruiter is the No. 1 hiring site in the country, with a database of 36 million résumés. ZipRecruiter makes it easy for employers to post job openings and search potential candidates by location, job titles, previous companies, most recent résumés, as well as keywords to narrow your search results.

Write an Engaging but Straightforward Job Description

Get straight to the point. Job descriptions should be engaging, but also straightforward. Make sure to hit all the important points:  job duties, skills, location, and salary should be clearly outlined in the description. While there’s no official rule stating whether it’s better to list the salary or keep it vague, there’s nothing wrong with being straightforward. And feel free to include details that will give job seekers an idea of the company culture/work environment.

Ask Around

Employee referrals are another way to find employees, but it may lessen the number of possible candidates. Don’t worry, though: ZipRecruiter helps widen that pool. Recruiters can rate résumés with a thumbs-up or thumb-down to easily weed through candidates, so you will receive curated alerts when new candidates are available.

Do Your Research  

Whether you’re a novice or veteran recruiter, HR coordinator, or hiring manager, researching your craft will pay off in the long run. Books like Recruiting 101: Fundamentals of Being a Great Recruiter, Top Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters: A Beginner’s Guide to Over 50 Talent Researching Tools and Hire to Win: Manager’s Practical Guide for Attracting and Interviewing Top Talent can be helpful in providing tips and other strategies along with online forums such as Reddit.

Formulate a List of Top Candidates

It’s editing time! After you’ve compiled a good number of potential candidates, formulate a list of the applicants that stand out to begin the process of scheduling interviews. You also might want to add a few backup candidates, in case some of the job seekers on your main list are no longer available.

Happy hiring!

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