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The expression “kick your feet up” is more than a shorthand phrase to invite someone to relax; it also happens to be great advice. In fact, elevating your legs makes it easier for your heart to pull in the oxygen-depleted blood from the veins in your legs, which is beneficial for your whole body. The best leg elevation pillows can be especially helpful if you’re currently pregnant, or someone who suffers from swelling or blood clots.

Aside from providing a key health benefit, it can also be a more comfortable position to fall asleep in following a grueling workout or if you’re recovering from surgery. While you could always stack a few blankets or extra pillows to elevate your feet, leg elevation pillows are specifically designed to keep your legs comfortably elevated. Here’s what you need to know to find the right one for you.

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Leg Elevation Pillow Buying Guide

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a leg elevation pillow.

Size and Shape: Depending on your height and the shape of your legs, you may need an elevation pillow that is longer, wider, or narrower. You can generally judge what is right for you by examining the dimensions of the pillow.

Density: If your potential pillow is too soft, it may not be able to provide the optimal level of support. Conversely, if it’s too dense it may not be as comfortable as you need it to be. To avoid running into a Goldilocks problem, we recommend a memory foam pillow which tends to be just the right amount of supportive and comfortable.

The Best Leg Elevation Pillows

Below is our list of the best leg elevation pillows, featuring top-rated and affordable options.

BEST OVERALL: Ebung Leg Elevation Pillow

EDITOR’S PICK: LightEase Post-Surgery Elevating Pillow

BEST SINGLE-LEG PILLOW: LightEase Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow


BEST LOWER LEG PILLOW: LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow

1. Leg Elevation Pillow with Memory Foam & Cooling Gel

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Ebung’s memory foam elevation pillow can provide support in a lot of different ways, whether you use it as an elevation pillow, or as a wedge or back pillow. It’s outfitted with cooling gel, which allows for added comfort as well as keeping the body at the right temperature to get a good night’s sleep.

Dig into any of the 13,000 five star reviews and you’ll see there’s a lot to love about this elevation pillow; many commenters cited this as providing relief to a litany of issues, including swelling, sciatic pain, and arthritis. In fact, one user wrote that after suffering from swelling and pain from a cyst in their right kneecap that would later burst, they ordered this pillow for support, citing its size, plushness, and cooling abilities.

Buy Leg Elevation Pillow $43.99

2. LightEase Post-Surgery Elevating Pillow


This elevation pillow is perfect for people who are recovering from recent surgery (procedures cited include: ACL surgery, keen replacement, and hip replacement). This pillow is large enough to comfortably accommodate both legs, but narrow enough to keep them firmly in place. It’s outfitted with nifty handles that make transporting it easier, whether you need it on your bed or the couch.

Buy LightEase Post-Surgery Leg Pillow $49.99

3. LightEase Memory Foam Leg Support and Elevation Pillow

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LightEase took everything customers love about their Post-Surgery pillow, and made it narrower; it’s perfect for those experiencing pain or discomfort in a single leg.


Buy LightEase Memory Foam Pillow $38.99

4. WEY&FLY Leg Elevation Pillow, Inflatable Leg Rest Pillow

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This inflatable pillow works best those who may be on-the-go but can’t bring their memory foam pillow with them. While it doesn’t come with an air pump, reviewers were complimentary of its ability to provide comfort and support, while also highlighting it can be a real “space saver.” A good option if you find yourself in a bind.

Buy WEY&FLY Leg Elevation Pillow $19.49

5. LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow

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Those who are craving comfort, but aren’t necessarily recovering from a procedure, should consider this wedge pillow. It’s designed to relieve pressure from your lower legs, contouring to their natural curvature, while also providing relief to your hips and knees. One reviewer, who has been struggling with progressive multiple sclerosis, wrote that they have one in every room in their house, while another wrote that this outperformed three other wedge pillows they have tried over a period of several years.

Buy LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow $35.99

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