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Travis Scott is being sued for allegedly inciting a crowd stampede at a concert back in 2019.

In the latest version of a complaint filed by Marchelle Love – a woman who was allegedly injured in a stampede at Rolling Loud in May 2019 – Scott is accused of ignoring police demands to shut down the “dangerous and uncontrollable” concert.

Editors at Billboard have reported that Scott was added as a defendant to an existing lawsuit between Love and Rolling Loud’s organisers last month.

In a new statement, lawyers for Love claimed that police officers rushed backstage shortly after Scott began his set and demanded that he stop performing as the crowd was getting unsafe. He allegedly disregarded them.

“Despite his being ordered by the authorities to cease his continued incitement of the crowd, Travis Scott continued to verbally and physically incite the crowd to engage in a mosh pit and other hazardous activities,” Love’s lawyers wrote. “Despite the fact that Travis Scott was aware of and could clearly see concertgoers being injured, suffocating, losing consciousness, fighting, and being trampled, he continued his performance while authorities were forced to attempt to render aid to these injured concertgoers.”

In a statement to Billboard, a representative for Scott called the complaint a “blatant, cynical attempt to attack Travis” over a “three-year-old incident that is deliberately misrepresented”.

They stressed, “As even the complaint makes clear, this incident was related to a false report of a shooting mid-show, completely unrelated to Travis’s performance. This cheap opportunism is based on a blatant lie that’s easy to detect.”

Scott and concert organisers are currently facing hundreds of lawsuits related to the fatal crowd crush that occurred during the first night of the Astroworld Festival held in Houston, Texas last November. Ten people died and more than 300 were treated for injuries.

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