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Pat McCrory threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the game against the Houston Astros

Baltimore natives Turnstile repped their hometown in a big way on Tuesday night. At the Baltimore Orioles game against the Houston Astros, the band took the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Backed by his bandmates Brendan Yates, Franz Lyons, and Daniel Fang, Pat McCrory did the honors of pitching the ball.

“Their season right now is inspiring some songs,” McCrory told broadcaster Melanie Newman when asked in a pre-pitch interview what they would write in a song about the Orioles. Lyons added: “We honestly might have a demo already somewhere waiting, you just have them get ahold of us.”

Describing his perfect day out at an Orioles game, McCrory kept it simple: all he needs is a hotdog, a collectible cup, his mom, and his friends. “We all grew up coming here, so to have family here and to be at the park at an evening game is just a really cool experience,” Yates added. “We’re just happy to be here.”

Over the past year or so, Turnstile have found themselves being recognized in unexpected — though never undeserving — ways. They recently opened for Blink-182 on tour and received nominations for Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance, and Best Metal Performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards.


“Growing up, where we came from and what we’re inspired by, it’s a very wide spectrum of music — including punk and metal and rock and all kinds of things,” Yates told Rolling Stone last year. “So the fact that it somehow could fit into both feels pretty accurate to us.”

He added: “I always feel like there’s not really any measure of greatness when it comes to music because music can reach people in so many different ways and different scales. The impact it can leave on someone is impossible to measure. Once you accept that, you can look at things through a different lens. Being recognized on one scale that’s a universally accepted platform — that somehow a band like ours from Baltimore is being recognized by different people from different worlds — is super cool and exciting.”

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