Vital Presets: The Best Free & Paid Packs in Any Genre (2022)

Vital has been a game-changer synth since its arrival in 2020 – but finding presets can be tricky.

Unless you have a paid tiers, your choice of presets is limited. And even though we encourage people to design their own sounds, sometimes you just want some good presets to get you started.

In this post, I’ve scoured the web and gathered the best free and paid Vital preset packs for all the major genres of electronic music such as House, Dubstep, and Future Bass. Let’s go!

Let’s go! 👇

Multigenre Vital Preset Packs

Let’s start off with some non genre-specific packs that can be used in a multitude of different styles. These are great starting points for instant inspiration.


Festival Anthems for Vital (Annms Music – Free)


This is a multigenre pack boasting more than 170 free Vital presets, so what’s not to like? A must-have pack covering anything from Hip-Hop to Trance and with excellent reviews.

Download here

Core Wavetables (Echo Sound Works – Free)


Technically not a preset pack, but who would refuse 300+ free wavetables? Neatly organized by style (growl, metallic, FM, chill…), they form a great starting point for crafting your own sounds.

Download here

By the way, if you need a refresher on all things wavetable synthesis, check out our latest article here.

Cosmos (Jazzen Sounds – Free)


Looking for something more cinematic and experimental? Cosmos has you covered. Inside you’ll find a community-made pack containing 60 free presets.

Download here

Florixel Vital Essentials (Florixel – Free)

This pack is more geared toward commercial EDM (future bass, future house, pop) but suitable for a range of genres, this pack includes 300+ presets covering bass slaps, subs, hypersaws, and anthemic leads (think Alan Walker).

Download here

MHA Vital Soundbank Vol. 2 (MHA – Paid)


Not the cheapest pack out there, but the quality definitely makes up for it. Check out this YouTube video for a full demo! Inside you’ll get 100 Vital presets including 40 Basses, 20 Leads, 15 Chords, 15 Plucks, 5 Pads, and 5 FX!

Buy here (EUR 24.90)

Crystals for Vital (SAMMO – Free)

Tailored toward EDM and Bass music in general, this pack contains 65 presets including plucks, arps, and leads.

Download here



Mutant Beta Pack (Black Lotus Audio – Free)


This pack includes 15 free Dubstep and Riddim presets. A great starting point for unique and heavy bass sounds.

Download here

24 Free Dubstep Vital Presets (sin aesthetic – Free)

A pack with no name but some quality content. You’ll find 3 FX, 1 ARP, 12 bass sounds, 4 lead sounds, and 4 pluck sounds.

Download here

Starter Essentials Volume 1 (Proven Sounds – Free)

A great mix of gritty basses and atmospheric leads and pads. You’ll get a total of 25 presets which include 1 Arp, 7 Basses, 5 Keys, 3 Leads, 3 Pads, and 6 Plucks.

Download here

Apostle DUBSTEP FOR VITAL (Black Lotus Audio – Free)

If you’re aiming for a sound like Virtual Riot or Zomboy, this pack is for you. Inside you’ll find 26 free Vital presets which include 11 bass sounds, 10 leads, and 5 sequences.

Download here

Vital Presets Vol.1 (Ghost Syndicate – Free)


A small but powerful preset pack, you’ll find inside 10 Bass presets suitable for Dubstep and Bass music in general.

Download here

Dubstep Revitalized by Wubbaduck (Black Octopus Sound)

Looking for those huge FM basses that made Skrillex famous? Look no further. Includes a whopping 68 presets + some 100+ drums and music loops.

Buy here (US$ 11.97)

Hybrid Bass for Vital (ADSR Sounds)

100 Vital presets for US$12? Sign me up! The pack covers everything from bass sounds, chords, effects, and pads.

Buy here (US$12)

Vital Dubstep & Riddim Presets (Ghosthack – Paid)

A bit on the pricier side, but this pack will cover all your needs. In here you’ll get a staggering 100 presets, close to 400 samples, and 70+ project files for FL Studio and Ableton Live. Presets include bass, leads, pads and plucks among others.

Buy here (EUR 36.24)

Drum and Bass


Division DnB For Vital (Black Lotus Audio – Free)

A versatile DnB preset pack that covers anything from Jungle to Dancefloor. You’ll get 25 free presets which include 7 basses, 5 leads, 4 plucks, 5 pads, and 4 arpeggios.

Download here

Vital Freesets (Art1factmusic – Free)

Small but powerful, this little pack includes 20 free Vital presets custom-made for Drum and Bass.

Download here

20 Free Vital Presets (Art1factmusic – Free)

More of a neuro head? This pack has you covered: 20 free presets made for Neurofunk.

Download here

35 Presets for Serum & Vital (Echo Sound Works – Free)


Reese basses are the cornerstone of Drum and Bass. And in this pack, you’ll find nothing but that! 20 Serum presets and 15 Vital presets to be precise.

Download here

Some more free stuff…

Drum and Bass isn’t the most popular genre, and Vital isn’t the most popular synth (yet). So finding free preset packs can be hard. Here below are a few more I managed to put together scouring through YouTube:

Foghorn free preset

Tech Stab free preset

Brass Stab free preset

Sine Wave free preset

WUBS & WOBBLES VOL 1 (Stranjah – Paid)


When it comes to DnB, wobbles are all the hype these days. Stranjah, one of the leading music educators in DnB, has crafted an amazing pack dedicated to the modern sound of DnB.

Inside you’ll find 69 high-quality Vital presets + a bunch of MIDI files. Perfect to get that modern techy sound.

Buy here (US$ 39.99)

ALIX: Deep Minimal DNB Vital Preset Bundle (DNB Academy – Paid)

DNB Academy is an online platform dedicated to teaching Drum and Bass production. This pack covers the deeper side of DnB pushed by artists such as Alix Perez and Monty.

You’ll get access to a whopping 100 presets including 50 basses, 5 kicks, 5 snares, 5 high-hats, 10 percs, 10FX, 10 leads, and 5 pads.

Buy here (EUR 30.00)

Random Movement: Vital Preset Bundle (DNB Academy – Paid)

Another one from DNB Academy, this one covers the more old-school, soulful side of Drum and Bass. Inside you’ll find 100 Vital presets including 23 basses, 24 keys, 13 leads, 25 pads, 8 sequences, and 7 FX. Oh, and you’ll also get 100 .wav samples.

Buy here (EUR 30.00)

BTP – 100 Vital DNB Presets (By The Producer – Paid)


Amazing value for money in this pack. 100 Vital presets tailored toward the Bristol tech and jump-up scenes, you’ll find all the screechy basses you need in here. Includes 40 Bass Presets, 20 Lead Presets, 20 Pad Presets and 20 FX Presets +100 .wav samples.

Buy here (£ 7.99)

Tantrum Desire “D&B Essentials Vol. 1” (Tantrum Desire – Paid)

Need to load up on Reeses and huge leads? This pack is made for you. Inside you’ll get 44 presets containing D&B Basses, Reeses, Leads, Pads, Sequences, and FX!

Buy here (£ 10.00)

Future Bass


Illenium Vital Presets (Future Bass) (Kling Music – Free)


They aren’t that many Future Bass packs for Vital floating around (yet), so make sure to grab this free Vital preset pack!

Download here

FLUMY – Free Future Bass Vital Presets (Heyquex – Free)


Containing 28 free Vital presets, this pack is perfect for Future Bass as well as Chillwave. Inside you’ll find 4 Arps, 5 Basses, 5 Bells, 1 Flute, 2 Granular Experimental, and more!

Download here

Prevail – Vital Soundset (Kling Music – Paid)


Another one from Kling Music, this one caters to Future Bass but could also be used in Deep and Tropical House tunes. Inside you’ll get 105 Vital presets, mostly focused on Bass and Pluck sounds.

Buy here (US$ 17.00)

Dark / Berlin Techno


What I could find on YouTube…

With Vital being a relatively new synth, there aren’t that many free preset packs floating around just yet. So I scanned YouTube tutorials endlessly (you’re welcome) to bring you some free sounds to download individually:

Melodic Techno Arpeggio

Dub Techno Bass

Techno Kick

And this guy has a bunch of packs, most of which are pay-as-you-want and feature acid sounds, FX, and keys.

Vital – Techno Presets (SINEE – Paid)


Made by Germans as you would expect for techno, this pack has everything you need for the price of a New York coffee. Includes 12 basses, 17 drums, 18 leads, 11 pads, and 6 reeses + 13 custom wavetables!

Buy here (EUR 7.90)

Eron Vital Presets (Neos Sound – Paid)

Looking for some dark, acid-sounding techno presets? This pack includes 2 Acid tones, 2 Arps, 2 Basses, 1 Fx, 6 Leads, 4 Pads, 1 Plucks, and 1 Voice. That should cover your needs!

Buy here (EUR 9.99)

Timewarp Vital Presets (Relay Audio – Paid)


Probably the highest quality Vital preset pack for techno I’ve come across. This pack includes 6 Basses, 20 Leads, 16 Pads, 10 FX, 30 Techno Sequences, and 8 Experimental sounds.

Buy here (£ 20.00)

Melodic / Deep House


VITAL Analog Melodic House Presets (Mercurial Tones – Free)


This pack is actually part of a bigger (paid) pack. In this lite edition, you will get 10 free presets including 3 Basses, 3 Leads, 2 Pads, and 2 Keys.

Download here

Aura Vital Soundbank (Phaze Blaze PB – Free)

One of the most chilled-out packs I’ve come across, you’ll get access to 40 free Vital presets ranging from plucks to pads and basses.

Download here

Free EDM Vital Presets (WA Productions – Free)


This one leans more on the Bass House side and provides 50 free Vital presets to play with.

Download here

Vital Deep House Leads

Here you have 3 free little presets aimed at that classic Deep house lead sound! These presets are also well suited for chilled-out techno and progressive house.

Download here

Slap House Mini Pack for Vital (Kling Music – Free)


This guy has a whole tutorial series on making amazing deep house sounds in Vital. He also has a whole range of packs (both free and paid) to get you started!

Download here

Oceans Melodic House and Techno (PML – Paid)


In need of some euphoric pads and plucks? Look no further. This pack has you covered with 60+ vital presets including 8 Arpeggios, 14 Basses, 4 Keys, 13 Leads, 14 Plucks, and 7 Pads.

Buy here (EUR 27.00)

MHA Vital Soundbank Vol. 1 (MHA – Paid)


A quality pack from MHA containing 100 Vital presets! Perfect for Deep House / Slap House / Tropical House.

Buy here (EUR 24.90)

Trance and Progressive


Origins Vital Preset Pack


This versatile pack includes 40 free Vital presets as well as 50 unique wavetables!

Download here

The F Word Vital Presets (The F Word – Free)

Looking for Psytrance presets? Here you go: 12 free Vital presets containing FX and Leads to create that Goa sound.

Download here

Free Synthwave For Vital (10 Hoeve Sounds – Free)


Although technically geared toward Synthwave, this pack works well with any progressive genre based around atmospheric pads and huge leads. Inside you’ll get 37 free Vital presets including 9 Basses, 9 Leads, 9 Keys/Plucks, and 10 Pads.

Download here

Vital Psytrance Vol.1 (Mute Production – Paid)


A must-have for all psytrance lovers, this pack contains a monster 150 Vital presets custom-made for Psytrance. You can check out a preview of the pack here and download a demo version here.

Buy here (£ 30.00)

Trap and Hip-Hop


Free Vital Presets (Angelic Vibes – Free)

The name says it all – it’s free so grab it! Inside you’ll get 30 free Vital presets perfect for the modern trap sound or laid-back hip-hop.

Download here

Free Hip-Hop Vital Presets (Samplicity – Free)

Looking for that lo-fi vibe? This one is for you. Inside you’ll find a bunch of Vital presets including basses, leads, and keys.

Download here

Phase – Vital Presets (AZM Music – Free)

This pack is actually a sampler from their full Premium Vital Bank. Still, it has 10 free Vital presets suitable for Hip-Pop and Pop in general.

Download here

Essential TRAP (Free Vital Presets) (Heyquex – Paid)


The website may be in Spanish, but the samples are still fire! Inside you’ll get 26 free Vital presets custom-made for the modern Trap sound. Include 7 Basses, 4 Bells, 1 Flute, 2 Keys, 3 Percs, and more!

Download here

Organic – Presets for Vital (AZM Music – Paid)

For just 5 Euros, this one is an absolute steal. Inside you’ll find 60+ Vital presets including 10 Basses, 14 Keys, 6 Leads, 11 Pads, 10 Sequences, and 11 FX and experimental sounds. Perfect for Dark Trap as well as Lofi Hip-Hop.

Buy here (EUR 5.00)

One Last Thing…

Before I let you go, I will give a shout out to Preset Share, an amazing platform that makes it easy to browse and download individual presets. Just set your filter to Vital and choose your genre from the list:

Finally, don’t forget to explore sounds outside of your preferred genre! This is how you will incorporate originality into your music.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Did I miss out on anything? Any other Vital presets banks I should have included here? Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].

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