Andy Cohen Swears on Live TV While Slamming Dead Celebrity Prank – Rolling Stone

Bravo host insists it’s the first time he’s ever let an f-bomb slip on his show

Andy Cohen, fresh off a tragically sober and subdued New Year’s Eve Live on CNN, returned to his home turf of Bravo, where he got suitably loose with his language while railing against the dead celebrity TikTok prank on Watch What Happens Live.

The prank was the subject of Cohen’s “Jackhole of the Day” segment, with Cohen saying he’s sick of being sent videos of people telling their loved ones that he’s died. “I have no desire to experience people’s reactions to me dying,” Cohen exclaimed. “I’m scared enough of dying in reality without having to watch bizarre simulations of it over and over again.”


It was here, that Cohen’s fury got the best of him and he let out a big fat “fuck” on live television: “Don’t make, distribute, or tag me any fucking —“  the censors at Bravo did catch it, but the host still gasped at his own goof before continuing. “…Andy Cohen death reaction videos, you freaks. Why is this even a thing! It’s not even funny!” 

Amazingly, Cohen quipped a few moments later, “That was the first time I’ve ever done that on this show.” 

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