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Charlie Puth and Jung Kook’s music video for their collaborative track “Left and Right” has soared past 100 million views on YouTube in the three weeks since its release, hitting No. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 so far. Now, to celebrate “Left and Right” passing 100 million views, the American singer-songwriter and BTS star are sharing behind-the-scenes footage, which Billboard can exclusively reveal.


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See latest videos, charts and news

In the behind-the-scenes video directed, edited and shot by Shaina Stein, Puth and Jung Kook snap their fingers in unison behind the wheel of a car, raspberry their lips and demonstrate how Jung Kook prepared for some of the extreme close-up shots in the video. As for the music video’s overhead shots of the two spinning in place, Puth jokes that it gave them each a crick in their necks. “We just spun on a tiny circle, me and Jung Kook, and there was a point where we were leaning our heads on each other’s heads, and I think we both developed back problems early on for the shoot, so that’s exciting,” Puth says, with Jung Kook mock groaning and massaging his neck.

We also get to see behind-the-scenes footage of Puth and Jung Kook playing around a set doctored up to look like, well, a doctor’s office – a psychiatrist, to be exact, who nods sagely as the two bop around his office in flashy green and pink suits. Watch it here.

As for the “Left and Right” video, Puth advises you to watch it horizontally on your phone to get the full effect.

Charlie Puth’s collab with a member of BTS comes as the South Korean boy band takes a breather to allow its members time to pursue some solo avenues, such as this one. BTS still has a lot on its plate, however, including a recently announced TV deal with Disney+.

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