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Ever since the spike in sex toy sales over the pandemic, the retail behemoth Amazon has massively expanded its selection of sexual self-care products. Now, you can use Amazon to quickly and discreetly deliver some of the world’s best sex toys — no embarrassing trip to the sex shop required.

Amazon’s improved sex toy inventory comes during a renaissance moment for the historically taboo products. While people dated less and some couples quarantined separately through the pandemic, the already-accelerating popularity of sex toys was kicked into high gear. Now, the best sex toys are an acceptable means of reducing stress, boosting the immune system (really), and conquering boredom. And that goes for people of all genders and relationship statuses: men are finally reaping the benefits of sex toys while couples are spicing things up in the bedroom by incorporating the right products.

Best of all, when shopping for sex toys on Amazon, you get the usual cornucopia of customer reviews that are often helpful, hilarious, or both.

No matter how you plan on using sex toys — or what parts you’ve got — you’re bound to find a fitting product on Amazon. Here’s the catch: Amazon deliberately hides its sexual wellness products (they’re listed under the “Health, Household & Baby Care” category), so stumbling upon great sex toys can be tough.

To help out, we’ve done some digging to find some high-quality products from well-known brands. Below are some of the best sex toys on Amazon right now, including toys for men, women and couples — all with surprisingly informative, wonderfully entertaining reviews.

The Best Sex Toys on Amazon for Women

1. Womanizer Duo Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators, such as this Womanizer Duo, offer simultaneous stimulation on both the clitoris and G-spot. This comes from a vibrator that goes inside and a suction device that goes on the clitoris. Offering a whopping 12 intensity levels for both the suction and the vibration, as well as ten vibration modes, the Womanizer has something for everyone.

“This will change your life,” says one reviewer, while another says, “We had to turn on a TV to filter out the vibration noise and MOANING noises so the kids could not hear.”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy Womanizer Duo Rabbit Vibrator $153.00

2. Satisfyer Pro 2

With the use of air pressure waves directed at the clitoris, the Satisfy Pro 2 delivers far more pleasure than its discreet size would suggest. The intensity of the vibration is fully adjustable with eight settings that range from gentle to vigorous, depending on your mood. It’s also easy to clean or use in the shower thanks to full waterproofing.

“It knows how to follow directions,” says one reviewer who had trouble communicating her oral sex preferences. “I plugged it up AT MY DESK to make sure that by the time I got off work that it was going to be fully charged,” she says.


Buy Satisfyer Pro 2 $39.95

3. Luna Rechargeable Personal Wand Massager

This highly-popular Luna vibrator upgrades the traditional wand massager with better materials and more adjustability. Users have full control over the experience thanks to 20 patterns and eight speeds — all of which function at a very quiet noise level. Waterproof, medical-grade silicone ensures a soft touch, as well as the ability to use the massager in the shower.

“When [my wife] or I have things to do and my wife wants me to ‘massage her neck’ in a hurry, this thing comes through with the save,” says one happy husband. “It’ll do the same for you.” Another reviewer is more to the point: “It makes you cum hard.”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy Luna Rechargeable Personal Wand Massager $20.95

4. Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

At first glance, this Crave Vesper looks like a statement pendant. But it’s actually a powerful vibrating pleasure-inducer, disguised for easy transportation and covert relaxation anywhere. Measuring 3.75 inches long, the pendant is nickel-free for safety. The vibrating motor inside is quiet, USB rechargeable and boasts four settings including a pulse mode.

“It’s the only toy I’ve purchased that really delivered, and stood up to use,” says one reviewer. “Hope that doesn’t sound weird.”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace $69.00

5. Emojibator Eggplant Personal Massager

This Eggplant vibrator from Emojibator is cheeky and approachable, both in branding and functionality. At five inches long, it’s big enough to generate serious pleasure yet small enough to hide discreetly (it might even get mistaken for funny decor). Plus, it’s totally waterproof for use in the shower and easy cleaning, and the vibration can be cycled between ten settings for different levels of intensity.


Buy Emojibator Eggplant Personal Massager $29.00

The Best Sex Toys on Amazon for Men

6. Tenga Flip 0 Electronic

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line sex toy experience, go with this Tenga Flip 0 Electronic. It delivers dual sensations — sucking and vibrating — through squeezable pressure pads on the outside and two battery-powered vibrator units inside. These vibrating units can be set to five different settings, and the suction-enhancing pressure pads add a welcome element of user involvement. Plus, the whole thing is waterproof and flips open for easy cleaning.

One top reviewer gives a useful warning, saying, “You HAVE TO ease into this. In other words, don’t slam yourself in there and start doing full strokes. You need to give the lube time to spread evenly around or you’ll give yourself some ‘rug burn.’”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy Tenga Flip 0 Electronic $162.13

7. Fleshlight Pink Lady

Now colloquially synonymous with masturbation sleeves, Fleshlight still makes some of the best sex toys for men. This Pink Lady sleeve is one of our favorites from the brand, boasting Fleshlight’s ultra-realistic, patented SuperSkin material and adjustable tightness for all girths. True to the brand’s name, the sleeve can be disguised as a flashlight for discreet storage with a screw-on top.

“By design the Fleshlight allows its owner to get creative,” writes one customer. “One technique is to slip the Fleshlight between the bed mattresses and this will hold and secure the Fleshlight in position enabling a doggy-style position. For a missionary position, you can wrap a couple of pillows around the Fleshlight and angle it up a bit.”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy Fleshlight Pink Lady $69.95

8. Tenga Easy Beat Egg

These uber-popular Tenga Easy Beat Eggs switch things up with a stretchy elastomer masturbator housed discreetly in an egg-shaped shell. Each Egg in this cheekily-packaged six-pack boasts a different internal texture, lending some variety to your bedroom sessions. The unique masturbators are a great way to upgrade alone time, although their simplicity makes the Eggs a good choice for couples, which is what one reviewer (very explicitly) recounts: “With a partner, 200% would use again. It’ll fill up with creamy, warm milk and surround the other member, making them both bust with joy.”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy TENGA Easy Beat Egg $31.57

9. Lelo Hugo

Straight guys are finally realizing the intense pleasure of stimulating the prostate, a.k.a. the male G-spot. High-quality prostate massagers, such as this Lelo Hugo, lend a helping hand (or finger, rather) for upgrading masturbation, foreplay or intercourse. Designed for men with a curved shape, the waterproof device presses two gently vibrating motors against the prostate and the perineum. It also includes a very convenient remote control, which can set the massager to eight different vibrations.

One reviewer was blown away on first use: “WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! First time out of the gate and OH-YEAH!!!!!”

Courtesy Amazon

Buy Lelo Hugo $152.34

11. Tenga Spinner Brick

This affordably-priced Spinner from Tenga brings a unique sensation in streamlined packaging. An interior spinner twists as you stroke, delivering serious stimulation, and It can also be easily washed under running when you’re done. You’ll notice that the Spinner comes in six different options; each of these has a different interior, so you can order a few (to find your favorite) or cycle between styles if you get bored.

One reviewer sent it to their husband, who’s in the military overseas: “He said this was the closest thing to a real BJ he could get,” they says.


Buy Tenga Spinner SPN-006 Brick $24.30

12. Fun Factory Manta

Don’t be put off by this masturbator’s odd shape: it brings a fantastic, unique sensation and even an opportunity for couples play. The soft fork-shaped head fits neatly around your member for vibrating masturbation, and the ridges in the head retain lube for longer-lasting moisture. Better still, when you’re with a female partner, you can place the Manta around the bottom of your shaft to give your partner orgasm-inducing vibration on the clitoris.

One Amazon reviewer suggests pairing the Manta with another toy, saying, “Sliding down to the base while using another toy on the tip (think Fleshlight or Tenga) will send you into outer space.”


Buy Fun Factory Manta $126.99


13. Plus One Personal Wipes

Most sex toys can be washed with soap and water, but these Plus One wipes are a good idea for any sex toy. They can be very convenient (say, for a fast clean while traveling) and they offer plenty of sanitation without alcohol or parabens. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic, so there’s no need to worry about irritating your private parts (you can even use them directly down there too).


Buy Plus One Personal Wipes $8.22

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