Paolo Nutini missed having the ‘outlet for release’ he gets from performing – Music News

Paolo Nutini says the COVID-19 pandemic made him realise what a “privilege” it is to be a musician.

The Scottish singer recently returned with his chart-topping first album in eight years, ‘Last Night in the Bittersweet’, and has been playing shows this summer.

And he says the whole world being shut down and touring coming to a standstill made him realise just how lucky he is to be a touring artist.

Speaking to the new issue of Rolling Stone UK, he said: “I never stopped writing songs and writing ideas and that’s what gives me my kicks.

“Even if they sit half-finished for a year, I feel like I’m happy regardless of what I’m doing at the time.”

He added: “But over the past two years, watching how it’s affected everybody, that social shutdown, it made me think that it is a real privilege to go out and communicate with people on such a scale.

“And to have the outlet of the release that performing on stage can give.”

The ‘New Shoes’ hitmaker feels like he’s letting a load of his back when he puts new music out into the world, but most of all, he loves giving his fans a “good buzz”.

He said: “I get the tunes out there and I already feel a bit lighter.

“But it’s not just that; you’re giving other people a good buzz and a good kick.

“It’s a good feeling.

“It makes you feel like you’re doing something right.”

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