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Ray J has some new body art and it is… intense. The singer took to Instagram on Tuesday (July 5) to show off a massive leg piece he recently got and to put it mildly, the fresh ink really keeps it in the family thanks to a unique image of his sister, Brandy. “NEW @brandy TATOO BY ONE OF THE GREATEST!! @_mashkow_ – IM GETTING MY WHOLE LEG TATTED WITH- MUSIC- LOVE – SCRIPTURES – THE VOCAL BIBLE – FAMILY – GHOSTS – POSITIVE WORDS AND THEMES – REAL GOTHIC LIKE — ‘THE HOLY LEG!,” the 41-year-old “Sexy Can I” singer wrote in a post alongside a video of his trip to the parlor.


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See latest videos, charts and news

“”Sexy  – GONNA TAKE A MINUTE!! But I got the best doing it!” In the video, Ray gets his thigh inked by Mashkow to a soundtrack of his sister’s 1995 single, “Best Friend,” the latest loving gesture from the musical siblings who frequently big-up one another on social media. The image of Brandy is a real talker, as it features her face with the words “Best Friends 4 Ever” graffitied across Brandy’s forehead and cheeks along with glowing pink eyes, the word “Mash” on one of her eyelids and the message “From Ray With Love” along the image’s right jawline in keeping with Mashkow’s signature portraiture style.

Brandy dug the commitment, commenting, “Brooooooo♥️♥️♥️♥️.”

It’s just the latest tat Ray has gotten honoring his 43-year-old big sis, joining the script with her name on his arm that he got last year in the same font from the cover of Brandy’s 1994 self-titled debut album. The siblings were in the news back in May when she playfully called out Jack Harlow after he revealed in an interview that he didn’t know Ray and Brandy were related.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing his a– to sleep,” Brandy wrote in response to the video, adding a spade emoji to her tweet.

Check out Ray J’s post below.

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