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Shawn Mendes could have a bright future career as a late-night TV host.

During Friday’s (April 29) episode of The Tonight Show, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter effortlessly stepped in as co-host alongside Jimmy Fallon, delivering jokes during the monologue, interviewing guests, participating in games, and even serving as the evening’s musical guest.

Dressed in the same black suit and skinny tie as Fallon, Mendes first appeared during the opening monologue, assisting the comedian-turned-host with wisecracks about electric busses in New York City and annoying alarm clocks. From there, the Canadian pop star helped out with Fallon’s Thank You Notes segment before the co-hosts challenged each other to a game of Egg Russian Roulette, where they smashed eggs against their heads not knowing whether they were raw or hard boiled.


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See latest videos, charts and news

Later in the show, Mendes changed into a light brown jacket and sat alongside Fallon behind the desk for a talk with Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson. The musician then sat down for a traditional interview with Fallon, during which he shared a comical story about a confusing text message exchange with Mariah Carey.

“It was Saint Patrick’s Day and she has another friend named Shawn, who she texted ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to on Saint Patrick’s Day,” Mendes explained after Fallon showed a screenshot of the botched conversation tweeted by Carey.

The “In My Blood” singer also discussed a recent social media post he shared about his insecurities. “Although we are entertainers, people want truth and they want honesty, and that’s what I want from people,” Mendes said to audience cheers. “Instagram and stuff, they’re not really showing the real lives of people, so I’m just trying to inject a little bit of realness into my Instagram and Twitter.”

The artist capped off his Tonight Show appearance by performing his new breakup anthem “When You’re Gone.” Prior to Fallon, the singer had only performed the track a handful of times, most recently uploading a live acoustic version on YouTube. Disguised as an upbeat pop song, “When You’re Gone” is a deeply emotional account of how his well-being suffered in the wake of his breakup from Camila Cabello, whom he previously gushed about on The Tonight Show.

Watch highlights from Mendes’ co-hosting gig on The Tonight Show below.


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