Sky Ferreira releases first solo single in 3 years – Music News

Sky Ferreira has released her first song in three years, ‘Don’t Forget’.

After teasing fans for a few months, the 29-year-old actress-and-singer has finally made her comeback with her first solo music since 2019.

The follow-up to ‘Downhill Lullaby’ is a synth-heavy 80s’ pop anthem.

It’s anticipated to feature on the much-delayed ‘Masochism’ album, the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Night Time, My Time’.

Sky admits she has felt “very stifled for a long time”, but doesn’t necessarily want her whole record to be about her being a “victim”.

In an interview with Vulture, she said: “I felt very stifled for a long time, and I still do. It’s not that I wanted to burn people’s houses on fire or something; it is a little more symbolic. It’s about being put in these situations for a long time. It’s a bit of freeing myself, but not in the most conventional way. Because I don’t feel free, necessarily.”

Without going into any further details, she added: “I’m not trying to throw everyone under the bus yet. Because that’s the thing: How do I say what I’ve been going through without having to become a victim to it or it becoming some narrative? Then my whole record becomes that. In my mind it’s like, ‘You don’t get to do that to me.’”

The album, which was originally intended for release in 2015, has been pushed back numerous times.

However, Sky has promised fans it will be out this year.

Although it’s her first solo music in a while, Sky has appeared on tracks with Charli XCX, Primal Scream and Beck.

The movie star has also appeared in many films, including ‘Baby Driver’ and ‘The Trust’.

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